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7 Thanksgiving foods dangerous to pets


Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Double Churches Animal Clinic!  As we gather together with loved ones, it is important to remember that some of our favorite holiday foods can actually be harmful to our furry family members.  Here is a list of the top 7 foods to avoid giving to your pets.

1.  Onions and Garlic –  All members of the onion family contain compounds that can damage red blood cells.  Even when cooked, onions and garlic should not be ingested by pets.  This includes onion powder and garlic powder.

2.  Baking essentials – Chocolate, dough, batter and sugar substitutes are all harmful for pets. Even very small amounts of baking chocolate can be toxic.  Raw dough that is eaten can rise inside the stomach causing severe pain.  Batter may contain raw eggs which can lead to serious bacterial infections. The sugar substitute Xylitol that is found in sugar free candies and gums is also toxic in very small amounts.

3.  Alcohol – Many pets find alcohol very palatable, but even very small amounts can cause life threatening toxicity.

4.  Nuts – Especially Macadamia nuts and Walnuts can cause a toxic reaction within 12 hours of ingestion.

5.  Cooked bones –  The bones from turkey and chicken carcasses can splinter when chewed and cause gastrointestinal obstruction or perforation.

6.  Nutmeg – This commonly used holiday spice can cause seizures in pets if ingested in large amounts.

7.  Turkey skin – The turkey skin  holds all the good stuff.  Butter, spices, marinades and oils used to cook the turkey can all be found in this tasty part of the bird.  If fed to our pets, however, these spices may cause gastrointestinal upset and the butter and oils can cause pancreatitis which can be potentially life threatening.

If your dog has eaten any of the above foods, please contact our clinic immediately.  

Happy Thanksgiving from the doctors and staff of

Double Churches Animal Clinic!