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  • A Letter To Our Clients Regarding Covid 19
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  • 7 Thanksgiving foods dangerous to pets
    Seven Thanksgiving foods dangerous to pets Read more
    Did you know that 1 in every 200 pets may be affected by diabetes mellitus (DM)?WHAT IS DIABETES MELLITUS?Diabetes mellitus, (better known as diabetes), is a disease caused by a Read more
  • November is Adopt a Senior Dog Month!
    Why Should You Adopt a Senior Dog?  When families begin the search for a new four legged companion, the cute bouncy puppies and fuzzy kittens usually take center stage.  Because of this, senior Read more
  • Pet Cancer Awareness
    For humans, cancer awareness months are well-known.   When you see a pink ribbon, you know what that means.  I don’t think there are many people who have not had their Read more
  • Poison Prevention
    March 15-21 is National Poison Prevention Week.  It is important to remember that pets can be affected by toxins as well as people.Chocolate…Rodenticides…Xylitol…Antifreeze….These are the top toxins that come to mind Read more
  • Summer Safety Tips for Pets
    Summer Safety Tips for PetsSummer is here in Columbus GA.   It’s time to think about summer safety for our four-legged family members.  Here are 7 ways to safeguard your pets Read more
  • Heartworm Awareness Month
    National Heartworm Awareness MonthWhat are heartworms?Heartworm (Dirofilaria immitis) is a large worm that lives in the heart and pulmonary arteries of an infected dog. Dogs acquire this infection through mosquito Read more
  • Tips for July 4th Holiday
    Fourth of July Pet Safety Tips, Summer safety Tips Read more
  • National Pet Dental Month
    FEBRUARY IS NATIONAL VETERINARY DENTAL AWARENESS MONTHWhy is February a special month for veterinary medicine?  February is National Pet Dental Month when veterinarians and their staff like to bring awareness to Read more
  • Pet Travel Safety Tips
    TRAVELING WITH PETSJanuary 2 is National Pet Travel Safety Day, but with the holidays right around the corner here are some great travel tips for you and your pets!FIRST and foremost, Read more