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Canine Osteoarthritis Pain

What is Canine OA Pain?? 

OA is a type of arthritis that happens when the protective tissue in the joints
(cartilage) is worn down, causing bones to rub against one another.
You may think OA just makes moving harder, but it can also cause severe
pain. Dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds can be affected by OA.  

OA pain is chronic pain that’s always there. It doesn’t go away and can get
worse without the right treatment. Chronic pain is different from acute
pain, which is pain that lasts a short time and gets better, like that from a
cut, scratch, or a pulled muscle. Without treatment, the pain will
continue to get worse.  We are now offering Librela, a once a month injection that controls OA pain in dogs. 

Watch the following video and contact us if you recognize any of the following signs in your dog's behavior: 

Canine OA Checklist

Canine OA checklist page 2

Click here to visit the Librela website for an online version of the OA checklist for your pet. 

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